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1. No more plastic bottles!

We surf, we walk on the beach, and all we see is plastic.

A simple act made by each one of you will be a big positive impact in our beaches for a more sustainable and brighter future! No more disposable water bottles, adopting the good habit of using re-fillable water bottles is one way to go. They are eco-friendly, have a big lifetime, keep the temperature of the water cold even on a crazy summer day, and they look cooool!

Guys, let’s leave on the beach more footprints and less micro plastic!

2. Shop local!

Eat local, organic and fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, and eat better, healthier and tastier food.

In the center of Peniche there’s a market only with fresh products, don’t miss the chance to eat amazing and super cheap.

You want to take a souvenir home? Help your local surf school and buy from there, organic, eco-friendly cool stuff.

3. Have a craft beer by the end of the day!

All day surfing, eating, enjoying the sun and our amazing beaches, it’s time for a large craft beer by the sunset along with the amazing local people to finish a perfect day.

The options are few, but you’ll see how great they are, where everyday all people in town joins for an amazing relaxing end of the day.

Top places in Baleal – Peniche:

1. Superlagide

2. Danau

3. Bar da Praia


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