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surf lessons peniche

Surf Lessons

Your salty hair will make you happier and free!

At our boutique surf school we have surf lessons all year round and for all ages, regardless of your experience. Each lesson is a unique experience and our team is certified and experienced to make each moment memorable.

With surf lessons, surfskate lessons, and video sessions, our goal is to give you all the knowledge we have so that you can learn the most in this awesome journey.

surf lessons peniche

Group Lessons

Make new friends, meet people from all over the world, and learn with their mistakes and accomplishments in every surf lesson!

We will have a maximum of 5 students per instructor and divided by the same level so that we find the best learning conditions for you.

Individual feedback will be key for your progress, as you all learn at different pace, we find this the best way for you to become a better surfer. 

1 Group Lesson

3 Group Lessons

5 Group Lessons

10 Group Lessons





Prices per person.

Private Lessons

The fastest way to improve!


In our private surf lessons there's a one-on-one work with you, helping at all times to develop your surf skills in a more detailed way and correcting your mistakes without ever missing a single wave.

For all levels of experience! Video lessons with analysis can be a great option for a more accurate approach on the more advanced levels.

1 Private Lesson

3 Private Lessons

5 Private Lessons




1 Private Double Lesson

3 Private Double Lessons

5 Private Double Lessons

Prices per person.

Private Double Lesson: 2 or more students.




surf lessons

Video Analysis

It's time to see on the videos if we look as good as we think we are in the water!



Nothing better than watching our own mistakes with the help of a professional. During the session, analysis and immediate correction are carried out, thus improving and correcting these same mistakes in a more notable way.

Later at the school base, an in-depth analysis of the session is carried out. The videos are provided free of charge to each student.

From 15€.

What's Included

All lessons include transfers to the beach/surf school/accommodation in the Peniche area, surf lesson up to 2 hours, surfboard and wetsuit, certified coaches and insurance.

Surf Levels

Level 0 - Beginner

First contact with a surfboard or surfed a few times many years ago. We will show you all the steps to catch the first waves and to stand up on the board, as well as reading the sea and learning the safety rules.

Level 1 - Beginner

It's not your first time on a surfboard but you need more consistency catching waves on the white water. You surf broken waves with some consistency and already have a sense of turns. Let's perfect the technique and get ready before going for the green waves.

Level 2 - Intermediate

You already paddle out to the line-up but still depend a lot on the instructor's help. You can already turn on the green of the wave but with little control. We will focus on reading the waves, positioning and perfecting the technique to create greater consistency and autonomy.

Level 3 - Intermediate

You surf the green waves, catch most of the waves autonomously and manage to turn both backside and frontside. We will focus on positioning at the peak, on the flow and reading the different sections of the wave to start the maneuvers.

Level 4 - Advanced

Autonomous and consistent surfer. You know how to negotiate the waves and maneuvers. We will perfect the maneuvers, improve the wave line and use the most critical parts of the wave with more power, speed and flow.

surf lessons
surf lessons



15€ (half day)

20€ (1 day)

55€ (3 days)

105€ (7 days)


10€ (half day)

15€ (1 day)

35€ (3 days)

70€ (7 day)

Surfboard + Wetsuit

20€ (half day)

30€ (1 day)

80€ (3 days)

140€ (7 days)


10€ (half day)

15€ (1 day)

35€ (3 day)

70€ (7 days)

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